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The 5-point ear acupuncture, commonly referred to as AcuDetox, or in some cases AcuReset, involves placing acupuncture needles into specific therapeutic points in the ear. It has a long history as a treatment to support normalizing body function and emotion regulation through stimulating points on the ear.
This intervention is approved by the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association, or NADA, in supporting symptom management of the following (but certainly not limited to):

*Addiction    *Anxiety
*Depression  *Stress
How would this benefit me?


AcuDetox a great add-on to any current therapies, as well as stands on its own as a cost-effective, non-pharmaceutical strategy.  The protocol is compatible across cultures (veterans, first responders, refugees, people in recovery, brain injury, autism, average person dealing with daily stress, etc.) and promotes community. Recipients have reported a range of benefits from sleeping better and finding a sense of calm to feeling clear, energetic, and connected to others. Per the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) , people who experience AcuDetox can typically expect the following:
• Increased calmness, better sleep
• Decrease in anxiety and agitation
• Reduced cravings for alcohol and other drugs
(including nicotine)
• Relief from stress & trauma
• Easier connection with counseling &
other health & healing treatments
What about the needles?


Acupuncture needles are very thin, and all needles used in ear acupuncture are one-time use only. Needles come in a prepackaged, sterilized unit. Practitioners sanitize their hands prior to touching, and the ear is sanitized before placement. Needles are gently placed in the appropriate spots for anywhere from 20 minutes to about an hour, typically the duration of a therapy session. 
Non-invasive “seeds” are also available. Curious? Just ask!
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